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The team

A product of the Australian Futures Project Actions for NSW agriculture initiative, adventive has an experienced team of founders including a top firm lawyer and accountant, a corporate advisor with 25 years experience driving entrepreneurship in farming and agribusiness, and a team of agriculture professionals. It is backed by some of Australia’s most innovative and entrepreneurial producers.

Mitch Hughes

Mitchell Hughes

Co-founder and Director- Adventive Pty Ltd

Mitchell Hughes is an agricultural professional with more than a decade of experience in a wide range of agricultural industries. He has experience in large scale broadacre cropping and livestock industries, as well as irrigated and large scale horticulture production in NSW, Vic and Tasmania. Mitchell is involved in a grazing enterprise at Armidale NSW and also consults on agricultural industry projects. He holds an honours degree in Rural Science (UNE) and a Masters of Agribusiness degree (Uni Melbourne).